Willa Starter with Weck Jar


This foundational duo of a Willa Sourdough Starter and Weck jar is the perfect starting point for somebody wanting to learn about sourdough. Willa was created and fed with love right here at the farm. The main ingredient, not only in delicious homemade bread but so much more, she will be your kitchen companion for years to come!

Includes 10 grams of freeze dried starter, a 28.7oz glass Weck Jar, and a detailed rehydration instruction card.

We also sell Sourdough Spatulas for feeding your starter, Bread lames for carving intricate designs, High Protein Farm Flour (our favorite for making sourdough), Coarse Grey French Salt to season your dough, and more! Explore more sourdough related products here!

Willa Sourdough Starter is bubbled up by Hannah in the Ballerina Farm Kitchen, Weck Jar is imported.