About Us

The Farmers

Ballerina Farm is nestled in the fertile mountain valley of Kamas, Utah. Blessed with cool summers and snowy winters, livestock and humans alike enjoy this high altitude oasis. Hannah is a former Miss New York City and graduate of the Juilliard School in dance. Daniel has a BA in history and a masters in business. The children are wild, hardworking and the best of friends.

Hannah & Daniel, + the kids

Origin Story

Daniel and I grew up city kids. We became fascinated with farm life while lived abroad in Brazil for Daniel’s work. While most of his co-workers in Brazil would head to the beach on the weekends, we found ourselves venturing inland, marveling at country’s productive farming community.

One day, while visiting a cattle ranch in in central Brazil, we ran into something that shocked us. As the experienced rancher talked about his impressive cattle operation, Daniel couldn’t stop looking at the man’s pigs. They weren’t locked up in stalls. Rather, they were out to pasture munching on grass side by side with the cows. They also enjoyed perusing fallen fruit from a smattering of mango, guava, cashew, and star fruit trees that dotted the farm.

From that point on all we could think about was raising pigs and cattle on pasture. So after 4 years in Brazil, we came back to the states, bought land and Ballerina Farm was born.