Paprika & French Salt


A beautifully balanced and slightly spicy seasoning, our paprika and french salt combination blends the intensity of paprika, the heat of cayenne pepper and the aromatic herbs of rosemary and thyme together. An unexpected combination, it adds warmth and vibrancy to any dish. Use it in a dry marinade for barbecued beef and roast chicken, season your favorite fish fillet and roasted potatoes or add it to a stir fry for a little kick.

Our artisanal salts are kosher certified, organic and hand-harvested in France.

Paprika & French Salt (500g):

Unrefined Mineral Sea Salt 87.5%, Spicy Paprika 3.9%, Cayenne Chili Pepper 3.9%, Thyme 1.8%, Rosemary 1.8%, Ground Madagascar Black Pepper 1.1%