Family Favorites Encore Box


This box gives you the most bang for your buck with plenty of variety. No steaks or bacon but lots of options and flavors to keep you smiling. 

This box does not allow for any preferences or requests. Boxes may include slightly different contents depending on our inventory. Rest assured, substitute items will be equal or greater in value. 

2 Ground Beef
2 Ground Pork 
1 Breakfast Sausage 
1 Roast
1 Stew Meat 
4 Ground Beef 
4 Ground Pork 
3 Breakfast Sausage
2 Packages of Bratwurst (4-pack)
1 Roast

Encore is our meat subscription offering. Choose to receive boxes every 30, 60 or 90 days. Boxes are sent out during the same week you started your subscription. Feel free to pause, skip, or cancel your membership at any time.

Encore members enjoy:

20% off shipping

15% off farm goods

Box add ons

& other Encore Savings!