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Enamel Sourdough Bowl


Sourdough bread is our first love here at Ballerina Farm and we've really enjoyed sharing our love for homemade food with all of you. After years of baking bread and testing many different bowls in the process, our custom designed Enamel Sourdough Bowl has finally arrived! With the perfect wide base and subtle sloping sides, it works perfectly for all bread-making steps and can even hold a double-batch of our favorite recipe. The enamel is lightweight and allows for easy turning when kneading and folding the dough and the slick surface makes it simple to clean.

Height- 4.75"
Width- 14"

Dishwasher, oven, stovetop and freezer safe. Not microwave safe. Handle with care.

Enamelware is handmade by a small family-owned manufacturing facility and imported.