Sourdough Kit


Our beloved Sourdough Kit is full of tools and treasures to create homemade sourdough bread. After baking hundreds if not thousands of loaves, Hannah thoughtfully curated each item to enrich your baking experience and help with other kitchen processes too! The kit includes a Sourdough Recipe Booklet with detailed bread-making instructions and photographs for each step, two Wicker Proofing Baskets to help rise and store your loafs, a Sourdough Spatula for mixing your starter, a Bench Scraper for shaping and moving, and a Dehydrated Willa Sourdough Starter to be the foundation of your creations.

We also sell Weck Jars for storing your Willa Sourdough Starter, Bread lames for carving intricate designs, High Protein Farm Flour (our favorite for making sourdough), Coarse Grey French Salt to season your dough, and more! Add these products to your cart at the top of this page or explore more here!

Willa Sourdough Starter is bubbled up by Hannah in the Ballerina Farm Kitchen, Proofing Baskets, Bench Scraper and Danish Hook are imported.