Quiche Breakfast Box


Our seasonal Pie Crusts are made using full cream salted butter, wholesome all purpose flour, a bit of sugar and a dash of salt. Pie Crusts come pre-formed in a 9" pie pan. Blind bake or fill with your favorite pie fillings, bake and enjoy! For best results, bake pie crusts straight from frozen or chilled in the fridge. Pie crusts last 6 months when stored in the freezer. 

4 Pie Crusts
2 Breakfast Sausage 
2 Bacon

Please order by Tuesday at noon MT for your order to be shipped this week!

Ingredients: All Purpose Flour, Salted Butter, Water, Granulated Sugar, Salt Contains: Wheat and Gluten 

Baked Goods Instructions 

*Boxes may include slightly different contents depending on cuts availability. Rest assured, substitute items will give equal or greater value to the box.

Meat is raised in the USA, baked goods made in the USA.